Annual General Meeting: All Members

The MSC Annual General Meeting will be held in mid-June in the Markham Village Arena Boardroom (enter off the arena lobby). Please check back for date. Tickets are NOT required to attend.
What is the Annual General Meeting?

After financial results for the club are filed, Skate Canada mandates that we must hold a mandatory meeting, the Annual General Meeting (AGM), between club members and the directors. It is conducted once a year as the name suggests.

At the meeting, directors share club insights with the members about the past year’s business, strategies and outlook for the club for the future. In addition, this year members will get to vote for the election of new or existing directors.

Why should you attend?

  1. You could win $100 towards your fall/winter session fees
  2. You will have access to a lot of information about the club, who's involved, how it operates, and who makes the decisions.
  3. You can find out how your interests and the club's interests are aligned.
  4. Meet other parents! Find out what's on their minds, and share ideas.

We all have an investment in the club. Please attend and help to make our club an even better place to skate!

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