Click here to download the 2016 PreCanSkate Information Letter

Coordinator: Rodolfo Guilherme

Our Pre-CanSkate program is an introductory session taught by professional coaches. It is taught in a flexible manner, and is designed to be an enjoyable time for preschool children (ages 3-5) while they learn the fundamentals of skating. Pre-CanSkate precedes the beginner skating program, CanSkate.

Equipment for Pre-CanSkate:

  • Helmet: CSA approved helmets are mandatory for Pre-CanSkaters.
  • Skate guards: All skaters must have skate guards on their blades when not on the ice, including in the arena lobby.
  • Skates: We recommend “lace-up” skates, as they provide the best support, allow proper movement, and accommodate adjustable fit. The skate’s boot must be firm, and must provide good support to the foot and ankle.
  • Warm clothing: Skaters should dress warmly and comfortably to enjoy their skating experience and enhance their skating skills. Snow pants or nylon pants over top of layers of clothing are a good idea as they provide warmth and dryness during the session.

For the safety and well being of all of our Pre-CanSkate skaters, parents must stay in the arena where their child can see them at all times, and skaters should never be left at the arena alone.

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