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Markham Skating Club is proud to present our 2018 Ice Show:

Online ticket sales NOW OPEN

Click Here to Buy Tickets

NOTE: our ticket agency uses PayPal to process your transaction, but you do NOT need a PayPal account to use this service. Visa or MasterCard accepted. 


Click here for Ice Show 2018 Seating Chart:


Every 2nd year, The Markham Skating Club produces an ice show for our skaters to showcase their exceptional talents! All registered skaters are invited, and encouraged, to participate. Our 2016 show was attended by almost 2000 audience members! Family, friends, and community members all love this professional quality show. There are costumes, lights, and music. The entire arena is transformed into a wonderful performance stage. Think of it like “Stars on Ice”, but better, because our stars are a part of your community!

The Markham Skating Club is pleased to offer ONLINE ticket sales for A Night in the Museum! All seats except for General Admission are folding chairs. These chairs are safely installed on risers above the ice surface, or in the arena lobby. All seating (except General Admission) is reserved seating. Accessible seating is also available inside the arena. 


Tickets go on sale to the public at 4:00pm on Friday, March 16th.

Our ticket agency: "Onstage Direct" offers what some say is the easiest online ticket payment system ever! It's safe and secure. And the best part is that there are no lineups! Review our arena map in advance and familiarize yourself with the seating plan. Login and click the seats you want. Send your friends and family the direct link and they can easily select and pay for the seats they want.

Do you have a Pre-CanSkater or CanSkater? On the day you watch the show, be sure to buy them a "second half only" ticket ($12) so that after they skate and you pick them up, they can join you and watch the rest of the show!

Want to see the show more than once? Consider the grandstand (the existing benches). They are General Admission and only $20. You can select your own spot, bring little kids, and have ultimate flexibility. Our skaters LOVE to have as many people as possible each show - full stands make an energetic performance! CLICK THE LOGO below to purchase.


Ticket & Seating FAQs

  1. I heard that there are seats on the ice. What does this mean?
    • To prepare for the show, all the glass and nets that surround the ice surface are removed. The arena boards stay in place. We install risers, or platforms, with seats installed on top. The risers are on the ice and run all the way around the rink on the INSIDE of the boards. If you've been watching rehearsals, the orange cones on the ice are there to show the skaters where the new, smaller, ice surface ends and the seating begins. These seats give a GREAT view of the performers.
  2. Isn't it cold sitting on the ice?
    • It does get chilly, so wear warm footwear, and bring a blanket or two. 
  3. What about the tall person sitting infront of me. How will I be able to see?
    • Even along the edges, the second row of seating is raised above the first row so you should be able to see just fine. At the north end, there are 6 risers, each one higher than the one in front--like a movie theatre.
  4. I'm still worried about being cold.
    • Dress warmly, and bring a blanket or two. If you are concerned about a loved one being too cold, we do have a row of seating behind the lobby glass which is very warm, and accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.
  5. Tell me about the lobby area.
    • We darken the lobby so that the lighting effects on the ice are more spectacular. We also close up the snack bar during the performance. We pipe the music all through the building so that no matter where you sit you'll have the best possible viewing experience.
  6. Can I buy tickets at the arena on the day of the performance?
    • We encourage everyone to buy tickets ahead of time so you're not disappointed. If you decide at the last minute that you want to attend a show, you can buy tickets at the arena starting one hour before the performance. PLEASE NOTE: No debit cards or cheques accepted. Cash or credit cards only please.