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Spring 2023 Fees:


Multi-session discounts (applicable to Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate, Novice, Junior, Senior, Advanced/Gold and Adult):

  • 2 sessions / week = 15% off 2 sessions in the same category
  • 3 sessions / week = 20% off 3 sessions in the same category
  • 4 sessions / week = 30% off 4 sessions in the same category


  • All fees for sessions must be paid in full at the time of registration (no installment payments).
  • Cash or Cheque: Accepted through in-person registration only (no online option).
  • Visa/MasterCard: Accepted online or in person.
  • Session choice cannot be confirmed until payment is made in full.
  • All skaters wishing to participate in private coaching, Skate Canada testing, or competitions of any kind must be a “Member in Good Standing” (i.e. all fees paid in full) and must have enrolled in an appropriate MSC program with the minimum required days of skating.



All skaters in Skate Canada-sanctioned clubs are required to pay an annual Skate Canada Membership fee, which will be applied at time of registration. Skate Canada memberships expire on August 31 of each year.



Families with 2 skaters at MSC will receive a 2.5% discount on total membership fees. Families with 3 or more skaters at MSC will receive a 5% discount on total membership fees. (Discounts do not apply to Skate Canada membership fee).



  1. If a written request to cancel a session registration is received prior to the start of skating, a refund will be granted, less a $35 administration fee, and less the cost of the Skate Canada fee.
  2. After the first day of classes, there are no refunds except for medical reasons. Requests for refunds must be supported by a doctor’s note, and all requests must be approved by the MSC Board of Directors. In this case, refunds are pro‐rated and the Skate Canada registration fee is non‐refundable. 
  3. All credit balances remaining unused on a client account for two (2) years will be cleared.



A $45 fee will be levied for returned payments, which must be replaced with a certified cheque or other guaranteed form of payment. Replacement payment must be received within 14 days to continue membership with MSC.



Since many of our programs are at capacity, MSC Member registrations will be accepted prior to "non-member registrations". Skaters registered with an alternate club as their "home club" will be permitted to register for sessions after April 3, 2023. All non-member registration requests will be reviewed on an individual basis by the MSC Board of Directors.



All skaters/guardians must read and agree to adhere to MSC’s Code of Conduct before registration will be considered complete. Copies are available at the MSC office, or you can download it from our website.

We maintain a strong stance on bullying, and we expect all our skaters and parents to adhere to the Skate Canada anti-bullying policy, to ensure a warm and welcoming place for children, teens and parents. A link to this policy is also available on our website.

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