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AdultSkate Challenge

Adults Skate Too! We offer an AdultSkate Challenge in combination with our annual CanSkate Challenge. The Canskate Challenge is an event formatted to introduce participants to the “competition” component of sport while providing them with the opportunity to showcase their skills in a fun and interactive environment. The focus of the event is on individual skill improvement and therefore performances are not ranked. Instead of the traditional podium presentations for placing first, second and third, all skaters receive a certificate indicating their overall performance levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze). The award levels are based on the execution and assessment of four individual elements performed in a circuit format. Each skater receives a full overview of his/her performance on a “performance standards chart” which is provided to the skater along with the award certificate.

We will also offer StarSkate categories that include four individual elements based on StarSkate Skills and Freeskate tests.

Skaters will be placed in the appropriate CanSkate category (Stage 1-6) based on the stage of skating skills. Skaters who are working on StarSkate skills (Star 1-2) are welcome to choose one or more of the StarSkate categories. Higher level Adult Skaters are welcome to participate in our Club Competition!

Elements for Adult StarSkate challenge



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