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Power Skating


Markham Skating Club’s CanPowerSkate program has been focusing on strengthening skating skills for hockey and ringette players for over 30 years. Focus is placed on edge quality and control, body alignment and balance. A variety of stopping, starting and turning techniques and drills will challenge the skaters both physically and mentally, helping to develop better on-ice coordination and body awareness.

Power skating improves not only straight-line acceleration, but also backward skating, tight glide turns, forward and backward crossovers and more. Skaters will be introduced to new techniques suitable to their individual level. Please have a look at the full description of this program at Skate Canada: CANPOWERSKATE
Please note that this is not a "learn-to-skate" program. Skaters must be able to skate the length of the rink either forward or backward, and must be able to stop on command. Minimum requirement: skaters must have passed CanSkate Stage 5. One night per week (check our schedule) we offer two sessions back to back:
  • The earlier session caters to younger players (min. 6 years old) looking to further develop their basic skating skills. Skaters must be able to travel the length of the rink either forward or backward, using alternate strides, and must be able to stop on command without the use of the boards.
  • The later session is designed for the more advanced skater playing rep hockey or aspiring to do so. Skaters must be at least 8 years old, able to perform forward and backward crosscuts, and must be proficient at stopping in both directions.

All skaters must wear full hockey equipment (CSA-approved). Bring a hockey stick – it will be incorporated into many drills.