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Ice Show Tickets!

There are four shows:

Friday April 12, 7:00pm

Saturday April 13, 1:00pm and 7:00pm

Sunday April 14, 1:00pm

Shows will be held at Markham Village Arena.

Ice Show Tickets go on sale on Monday, March 18th @ 6pm!  The best tickets go fast, so buy early to get the best seats. There are also limited accessible tickets (lobby only) available for each performance. You can access ticket sales through the link below at Onstage Direct:


  • There are two price levels: $30 for pre-assigned seats, or $25 for general admission. 

  • General admission seats are in the stands on the west side of the ice. 

Second-half Tickets: 

  • Skaters who are in the show, but in the first half ONLY, may join their families to watch the second half - but THEY MUST HAVE A TICKET. 

  • Second-half tickets are $15.

Tickets & Seating FAQs

1. Do I need to buy a ticket for my baby?

Children 12 months old and younger do not require a ticket, but they must sit on a lap.

2. I heard that there are seats on the ice. What does this mean?

To prepare for the show, all the glass and nets that surround the ice surface are removed. The arena boards stay in place. We install risers, or platforms, with seats installed on top. The risers are on the ice and run all the way around the rink on the INSIDE of the boards. If you've been watching rehearsals, lines are drawn on the ice to show the skaters where the new, smaller, ice surface ends and the seating begins. These seats give a GREAT view of the performers.

3. Isn't it cold sitting on the ice?

It does get chilly, so wear warm footwear, and bring a blanket or two. We will also be selling MSC fleece blankets -- a great souvenir!

4. What about the tall person sitting infront of me. How will I be able to see?

Even along the edges, the second row of seating is raised above the first row so you should be able to see just fine. At the north end, there are 6 risers, each one higher than the one in front--like a movie theatre.

5. I'm still worried about being cold.

Dress warmly, and bring a blanket or two. If you are concerned about a loved one being too cold, we do have a row of seating behind the lobby glass which is very warm, and accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.

6. Tell me about the lobby area.

We darken the lobby so that the lighting effects on the ice are more spectacular. We also close up the snack bar during the performance. We pipe the music all through the building so that no matter where you sit you'll have the best possible viewing experience.

7. Can I buy tickets at the arena on the day of the performance?

We encourage everyone to buy tickets ahead of time so you're not disappointed. If you decide at the last minute that you want to attend a show, you can buy tickets at the arena starting one hour before the performance. PLEASE NOTE: No debit cards or cheques accepted. Cash or credit cards only please. 

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