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Frequently Asked Questions

Ice Show 2024

You can also view the FAQ in PDF form

We are already well on our way with the planning, but if you are unfamiliar with how these shows work, here are some answers to frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the MSC office:

1. How do you get to be in the show – are there auditions?

EVERYONE can be in the show! Nobody needs to try out. The choreography is tailored to the skaters’ abilities. Yes, Pre-CanSkaters and CanSkaters are in the show! There are also courts for Novice, Junior, Senior, Advanced, Gold, Teen/Adult, Alumni, and PowerSkaters.

2. When is the show, and how many performances are there?

There are FOUR performances, over three days: 

  • Friday, April 12 – 7:00 pm

  • Saturday, April 13 – 1:00 pm & 7:00pm

  • Sunday April 14 – 1:00 pm

3. How many shows will my child be in?

EVERY skater participates in all four shows. Unlike dance recitals, all four of our Ice Show performances are the same—everyone gets the fun of being in every show.

4. My child is quite young and can hardly stand on skates! Can they really be in it?

Yes! We always have performers who have just started skating, and honestly they are usually the ones who steal the show! Tiny skaters have on-ice “helpers” if needed. Also, the show is written so that our younger skaters are in the first half only (we know they need their sleep!) and rehearsals for younger groups are scheduled earlier, wherever possible. 

5. How many numbers (“courts”) will each skater be in? 

Number of courts is assigned by skating level: 

  • Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate, Power, Alumni, and Adult – 1 court

  • Novice and Junior – 2 courts

  • Senior – 3 courts

  • Advanced – 4 courts

  • Gold – 5 courts

6. What is the cost?

Registration fees pay for ice and equipment rental, costumes, coaching costs, photography, program printing and more. The fee depends on how many courts your skater is in:

  • 1 court $100

  • 2 courts $185

  • 3 courts $230

  • 4 courts $280

  • 5 courts $295

7. What’s the time commitment and when does it start?

  • Upper level skaters start rehearsals the week of March Break (Monday, March 11).     Pre-CanSkaters and CanSkaters begin the week of March 18 (AFTER March Break). 

  • There are 2 rehearsals / week per court for most groups, including CanSkate and Pre-CanSkate, until April 6. (Court rehearsals are shorter than your skater’s regular sessions). 

  • Everyone rehearses every evening during production week (Monday April 8 – Thursday April 11). However, Pre-CanSkaters and CanSkaters practice first and are in the first half of the show only.

8. Do we ALSO have our regular sessions during rehearsal weeks?

No. Rehearsals begin just after the regular fall/winter session ends on March 9, 2024.  

Note: Ice Show rehearsal schedules will be different from the fall/winter session schedule; skaters will only attend skating on the nights of their rehearsals.

9. When will I get my rehearsal schedule? 

The rehearsal schedule will be posted in early 2024. 

10. Can I keep the costume?

No. Ice Show costumes are added to inventory in our MSC Costume Loft and are rented out to individuals and organizations throughout the year. Revenue from rentals is important to supporting the Club and helps fund our Ice Shows, keeping registration costs low.

11. How big is this show? 

We are expecting to have over 250 skaters in the show, and our last Ice Show was attended by almost 3000 audience members! It’s a fantastic production, with costumes, professional lighting, and music. The boards and glass around the ice are removed, and the whole arena is transformed into an ice theatre. 

12. This sounds like a huge undertaking. What can I do? 

We are asking everyone to please volunteer even a bit of time (we need assistance in all areas, including costumes, props, concession stand sales, ticket sales, dressing room supervision, fundraising and sponsorship). It doesn’t have to be a major commitment, and when the parents are involved, it really becomes a family event! High school students who volunteer can submit their hours toward their community involvement requirements. Email the office to ask how you can help (


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